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SONIC Study Pilot Summer 2014

If you are a participant in the SONIC Study Pilot, the link below will instruct you on the steps for taking your pictures.

SONIC Study Ends June 2014

If you are the parent of a current or past Framingham student, your family has had the opportunity to participate in a community study that aims to stop skin cancer before it starts - not only for Framingham children, but  for millions of other children.  Participating children have received the most up to date skin check possible in school.

SONIC Study ended in June 2014 after 10 years.  All Framingham SONIC students completed their study activities by June 2014. 

 Parents and children completed surveys on family sun protection practices, and students have received photographic examination of back and leg moles.   We have completied a gene collection activity that consists of testing for particular genes that are important in the way the skin reacts to sunlight.   Researchers will study the association between the presence of particular genes and the growth of moles on the skin.

The researchers are hoping to continue SONIC Study activities, following the participants into adulthood, so we hope to be in contact within the next year.

If you or your child has been a study participant, and want to update your contact information, please contact the
SONIC Study Nurse.  


In  school year 2012/13 we completed two small additional studies.   More information on these studies are on our What's New page.

More than 1000 Framingham families have participated.  Their support has enabled us to carry on our town's strong tradition of contributing to landmark research like the famous Framingham Heart Study. 

Students who have participated in the study, and who are applying to colleges, should refer to their participation in SONIC on their college application as a community service, and note their long term participation.  Include the URL for this web site.

Check out our What's New page for the latest on SONIC!

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